Society In Question

With skyrocketing rates of depression, increasing rates of poverty, and political radicalism so hostile as to be flirting with civil war, it’s obvious that many aspects of our modern society are failing us. At the same time, technology is on the verge of completely transforming the human condition, leaving many feeling lost and overwhelmed by the pace of change. Unfortunately, we’re struggling to navigate these many personal and social challenges because of a culture that promotes binary thinking: us vs them, black and white, good vs evil, fascist vs communist, left or right. As we’ve descended into these simplistic and tribalistic mentalities, we’ve forgotten that the only way to improve ourselves and our society is by embracing the difficult nuances that exist in the gray areas of life. Through controversial freethought, philosophical inquiry, and intellectual rigor, we seek to empower individuals to take control of their lives and shape a healthier and more liberated society of thinkers.

Hosted BySteven Parton