#12 – Donovan & Jay: Does Free Will Exist? (Emergent Evolution vs Physics)

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This week I sit down once again with my dear friends Jay Mutzafi and Donovan James, and then we have one of our favorite conversations: Does Free Will Exist? While I think we’re each empiricist who realize the science currently supports the notion that free will DOES NOT exist, we each have separate ways we respond to that. Jay reinforces this position through his support of physics/materialism; I dissent (mostly because it’s just more fun that way), and instead support the notion that we likely DO have free will and that science just hasn’t discovered it yet; and Donovan often brings a balancing perspective between the two as he remains predominantly agnostic.

To be clear: this isn’t a debate. Though it may seem otherwise, no one is trying to win. The goal here is to push the boundaries, to think recklessly, and to put out ideas that very well may be wrong in the hopes it gets us to some unique avenues of thought. And we hope along the way it provides you with some interesting thoughts to reflect on as well.

Show Notes:

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